1958 +4_4str_3585

Before the “incident”.

The restoration: chassis

Restoration: odds-n-ends repairs

restoration: reassembly

Fabricating firewall

Fabricating Wheel Arches

make new shoes for baby…………….

continue with wood framing:

Make new connecting blocks (attachment for hood bows, two cars). Fussy little part that is usually split and rotted. Order of operations: Route curved rabbet to match wheel arch. Table saw straight edges. Band saw (thin blade) curve to match hood bracket. Route rectangular recess for the elbow rail.

Anything you don’t explicitly make fit, won’t fit. Verifying that things fit and making corrections as you go exponentially increases the time it takes to complete anything. However; when you are done the odds are greater, (not absolute but greater) that the result is correct.

Hood Bows Check fitting indicates that the bows are badly out of shape.

Fit and repair Spring Covers. The driver’s side spring cover was “modified” by a previous owner and needs to be rebuilt. Also, the factory left the inboard end of the covers open but I prefer them closed.

Check fit Cowl and Bonnets prior to finalizing the location and structure of the scuttle wood.


Continue making and fitting wood parts.

NOTE: I usually make patterns; the rest of the time I make scrap.

Test fit and install more stuff

Rats; It is easy to convince yourself that something is “good enough” even though it isn’t.  After all the wood framing was done I decided the pieces at the front that attach to the firewall needed to be replaced.

Sheet metal

I did not take many pictures of 3585 sheet metal in-process. It was done simultaneous with 5674 and is fairly well shown in that section of the web-site.