1962 +4 four-seater 5061

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Purchased in July 2021 at the same time as 4762. Both cars were completely disassembled with parts comingled. Additional “before” pictures can be seen in the section for 4762 Chocolate and Cream.

“Today’s Progress”

In The Begining; what it looked like when I started

Start with the engine:

And then make the new chassis:

Start Assembling

Some New Sheet Metal bits…


Interior Woodwork

Rebuild SU HS-6 Carburetors.

And the Body…

Body Tub Sheet Metal




Decided to adapt a pair of aluminum sidescreen frames from a later model four seater. The advantage being acrylic window panels that slide open and that you can actually see out of. No good deed goes unpunished. It was a lot of work.

Seats and Upholstery

I have adapted Sparco brand seat slides on three previous four seaters and my own DHC. They work well and make it easier to adapt to different drivers. My back will simply not tollerate the original coil springs installed by the factory. I started using proper upholstery springs many years ago. They are vastly more comfortable particulary for longer journeys.

Cowl, Bonnets, and “Final” Fitting of Body Parts


These bonnets are a special case. After a day of picking and filing I’m coming to a tough decision: Continue straightening the originals and finish with polyester body filler (normal body shop approach) OR make new? Body filler is great stuff. I use it but very sparingly. I don’t like using it on parts like bonnets that flex. But making a new bonnet is a lot of work. Then again, a new bonnet has no filler and is straight. Tough call.

Make a New Bonnet



More Interior stuff:

Tonneau and Boot Cover

Four-Seaters are great for taking the grandkids for a toot around the neighborhood or going to events with a couple of friends but usually the back seat is unoccupied. I have always preferred a full tonneau cover on all my roadsters, four seaters in particular. With the cover in place the car has two seat character and the back seat becomes a handy place to toss “stuff”. The tonneau is HUGE though and sags so on my last two four seaters I added a removeable stainless steel support behind the seats. It is arched, hooks onto the rear sidescreen knobs and is easily removeable. And best of all, it prevents the tonneau from becoming a swimming pool when that unexpected rain shower strikes.

Hood (Top to us colonials)