1960 +4 four-seater 4762 “CHOCOLATE N’ CREAM”

In 2007 it looked like this:

And this in 2021

And this in September 2022

Early morning delivery

And the process:

Construct new chassis

Start putting it all back together:

““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`Make and install the ash gas tank support and install the gas tank. (note: there is more to it than meets the eye. For a complete description see: removing-the-petrol-tank-1950-1967-4-and-44-roadsters in the How I Do It section of the website.)

And now we get to replace the kingpins/bushings and install the front suspension; oh joy………

Continue assembling front end

NEW factory made body tub

Both rear fenders are factory new parts

And now for a little engine work:

And some sheet metal bits

Assemble Stuff

Detail Stuff…

And now the Wings … and Bonnets

Revise Seats

Interior Woodwork

The Hood (“top” to the colonials)